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Can’t believe it…

Got pulled over with a new roor and over what was legal on friday. We were smoking the roor first bowl out of it and the cops came to my car and busted me on the spot.. lost the roor my bowl the ounce of weed he found knives on my friend. I should have gone to jail no joke. Only because i was 18 and he was 15 but since it was a friday night, i have a job, and we cooperated. I was let off with a misdemeanor. I mean i will take that and a fine over going to jail any day of my life.. but after he searched the car we found my friends bowl. They didnt find it. Although there was something playing through my head.. When my hands were on the hood and you know your going to jail theirs always that one nice person to drop some weed out of my bag to make it under an ounce. 


No matter how long the slinky is, the bottom of the slinky will stay still (hover) until the top reaches it. Even if the slinky is over 1000 feet long.

mind =blown

i dropped out of my ap physics class after seeing this video. No joke